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Repairs & Alterations

Tack Repairs
Other Repairs

I specialise in repairing tack but can also carry out a range of other leather repairs on things such as bags, belts and dog collars. I can repair most bridles and items of tack depending on the condition of the leather or the part that is damaged.

I do not carry out any repairs on saddles.


I am also able to carry out a range of alterations if a part of your bridle or item is not quite right for you or your horse.

See below for some examples of repairs that I can carry out with prices. Get in touch about any repairs or alterations you would like me to carry out and I can discuss this with you and provide you with a quote for the work.

From £5:

  • Trim strap shorter

  • Punch additional holes

From £15:

  • Re-stitch worn stitching/loose keeper/strap

  • Re-stitch buckle/ring/d-ring/clip

  • Shorten straps at buckle end

From £20:

  • Replace missing buckle/ring/d-ring/clip

  • Repair cheekpiece/rein billet platform

  • Replace strap or leather

Click the button below to contact me to see if I can help you with your item and to request a quote.

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