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Three Horses

About Me

Hey everyone, my name is Emma, I am a Qualified Saddler based in the beautiful west of Scotland near Glasgow with a passion for horses and making all sorts of things. I am an Autistic ADHDer bursting with creativity able to think outside the box and love coming up with creative solutions for making or repairing things. I am always making something and trying new crafts alongside my leatherwork. I enjoy knitting, crochet, embroidery, sewing, painting and woodworking.

SMS Qualified Saddler

I am a Qualified Saddler with The Society of Master Saddlers (SMS) holding my City & Guilds Level 3 Qualifications in both saddle and bridle making. I specialise in making and fitting bespoke bridles as well as other tack and I can also carry out a range of leather repairs. I won 1st prize and a Premium Award for my saddle at The Worshipful Company of Saddlers National Saddlery Competition in 2021.

QEST Alumni

I was awarded funding from The Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust in 2018 which allowed me to complete a 3 year apprenticeship with Laura Simpson-Nickel at Amayzing Saddlery Ltd. where I was able to learn all the necessary skills and gain experience in all aspects of saddlery, bridle making and leather repairs.

Passionate About Horses

I have always had a passion for horses, and after learning so much about equine anatomy, health, biomechanics and behaviour through studying equine science at university and completing my apprenticeship, I want to help horses by creating bespoke tack that will improve their welfare and performance as well as educating owners on the importance of correct tack that is well fitted. I love spending time with my own horse Skye, we enjoy doing clicker training together and I am a big fan of using positive reinforcement in horse training rather than resorting to harsher equipment or training methods.

Care for You & The Environment

I find it so rewarding to be able to make and repair items with a focus on reducing the impact I have on the environment by using locally produced materials where I can and giving items a new lease of life that may otherwise have been thrown away. It brings me a lot of joy being able to help clients with the item they need repaired or made whilst providing great value for money, oftentimes costing less to repair something than to replace it with something new. 

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