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My Workshop

22nd December 2022

When I started my business in April, I knew I needed a dedicated space to work where I could have all my tools organised and my space optimised. At first I looked for somewhere to rent but there was nothing small enough and at a price that I could afford. I am so fortunate that my parents decided to convert part of our garage at home into my first proper workshop. This took a lot of planning and building work but I love how it turned out.

Clearing and Prepping the Space

After planning the idea for the workshop and speaking to the builders, the first big task was to clear the part of the garage that was going to be turned into my workshop. My parents did a huge clear out and managed to fit everything they needed into the space that was going to be left as a garage. I then fully cleared and swept the area ready for the builders to start the work.

Building Work

First, the builders framed out the walls as well as creating the new wall to separate the workshop from the garage. They then insulated and put up the plasterboard. Lights and plug sockets went in as well as a new window and door to let in more light. The walls and ceiling were then plastered ready for painting and decorating.

Walls and Flooring

We chose a lovely oak effect laminate flooring which really warmed up the space. I then spent ages priming and painting all the walls a light grey which I had leftover from painting my bedroom. I decided that I wanted brick on the back wall so me and my dad put up some really nice brick-effect wallpaper. It's funny because this is the only wall that isn't brick underneath :)

Organising and Setting up the Workshop

Once the workshop was ready for me to move into, I put in my new workbench that me and my dad built as well as a table I already had. To build the workbench, we were able to use wood we already had plus some leftovers from our neighbour who was doing some building work. I then had the huge task of fitting all my leatherwork and craft supplies into this small space. This was a real challenge but amazingly it all fit. I got some Ikea drawers to go under the workbench to store all sorts of things, my amazing drawers on the wall for storing my buckles, pegboard to keep my most-used tools within arms reach when I'm working and some desk tool racks I made from PVC pipe to store all my hand tools. I also built a great workspace under the window where I can sit when I'm hand-stitching so I can enjoy looking out to the garden.

Open Weekend

To celebrate my workshop being finished, I had an open weekend in August to celebrate with friends, family and clients. It was a great weekend and I really enjoyed giving everyone a tour of my workshop and eating lots of chocolate cake :)


My workshop is really fantastic for how small it is, I was able to use lots of different ways to organise all my things to make working easier. It has been great being able to work from home as my schedule can vary a lot and I often like to work a bit later. I can't wait to see what else I can make in my new space.

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