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I'm Taking a Wee Break

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported my business since I opened in April 2022. It has been a journey full of ups and downs, I've learnt so much and been able to work on so many exciting and interesting items for you. I'm so grateful that you have put your trust in me to make your horse's new bridle, bring your idea to life or repair your precious item.


As some of you know, I was finally diagnosed with ADHD in April 2023 after struggling with a whole range of things since starting primary school over 20 years ago. My ADHD diagnosis has been life changing and has massively helped to improve my mental health and my outlook on life. I have also been taking medication which is helping me so much with loads of things in my day-to-day life, even some things I didn't know were a struggle for me before.


Over the past year, I have been coming to terms with my diagnosis and been working through all the emotions that have come with this. The years of life just being one long struggle without knowing why, my low self-esteem, beating myself up over everything I found difficult, feeling like an outsider and not fitting in socially. I also have lots of complex feelings about the years of not being believed or supported by teachers or healthcare professionals. I am so frustrated about how I was let down for so long and how different my life could have been if I'd been able to understand myself earlier and get the support I needed in school, university and work. I am beginning to feel more at peace, as through this process I have learnt so much about myself, my emotions and my outlook on the world. I can't go back and change my past, but I can start to look ahead to what my life can be moving forward.

I'm pausing my business to give me time and the capacity to make some changes to my health and routine to support my ADHD symptoms. When I'm back, Emma Hamilton Leatherwork may look a little different, I'm hoping to be able to get my business to work better for how my brain works so I can focus on the aspects of it I enjoy the most without using up as much of my energy.

Here's to moving forward and living life in a way that feel authentic to me and not just what I think others expect of me :)



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